Light Steel Frame Construction


Among all the modern construction models, Light Steel frames are required for all types of construction projects, including the structural strength required to support buildings. They offer several advantages which incorporate reduced utility costs and a lesser impact on the environment.

Why should you choose steel?

We know that, protecting the value and life of buildings are the priority when it comes to building projects. The structure of the building can be regarded as one of the most important element in a whole building project. Trusses and framing are required for ensuring security, value and service life of a building. Light Steel Frame construction is being used frequently nowadays, not only because of its superior properties, but also because it is cheaper.

Why should you go for a Light Steel Frame in your home?

There are a lot of valid reasons. For starters, light-steel-frame homes have a significantly less damaging impact on the environment. They also have high heat retention capabilities, and hence utility costs are reduced.  All of these, combined with other factors offer a lot of advantages compared to traditional homes.

Light-Steel-frame homes come pre-engineered and pre-treated, along with complete kits which are ready for the job. To aid installing and construction, framing components are labelled, drilled, marked, punched and ready to bolt or screw.  Assembly instructions are also included with guides on walls, opening and truss construction.

What makes it unique is its ability to be built on various foundations and have a variety of finishing options using exterior materials, such as conventional brick and plastic cladding. This model is purposefully constructed to leverage the many inherent advantages steel possesses. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call.









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