Why Choose Steel?

We know that protecting the value and life of buildings are the priority when it comes to building projects. The structure of the building can be regarded as one of the most essential elements in a whole building project.

Light Steel Frame is an international product of World Class Standards that has been in use in Australia, New Zealand and the USA for many years and is fast becoming a popular choice for many developments and projects in South Africa.

Light Steel Frame carries a 50year material warranty.

The mass of a wall in LSF is less than 10% of that of a double skin plastered brick wall making the methodology perfect for “Vertical Extensions” (Adding on single or multiple levels to an existing structure). This has become very popular in urban areas where the only way to expand is up!

The thermal properties of an LSF building far exceed those of conventional construction and it is these temperature retention capabilities that, over the life of the building, result in significant savings on utility costs.

There are further savings, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors, due to the speed of construction being approximately 50% faster than conventional resulting in earlier trading, rental or sale.

LSF is pre-engineered and panels arrive on site assembled ready for erecting. There are a multitude of cladding options available to achieve almost any aesthetic requirement

Our Products and Building Methods are totally green as steel is the most recycled product in the world.

Light steel frame buildings offer designers and building owners the opportunity to minimize energy wastage during building operations as well as during the life of the building resulting in significant energy savings which is achieved over the life of the building.

Benefits of Light Weight Steel Frame:

  • Factory Precision
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Green Product / Building Methods & Processes
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 80% Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Inorganic – Will Not Rot, Swell, Warp, Split, Crack or Creep
  • Invulnerable to Termites, Fungi, Mould and Other Organisms
  • Incombustible – Does Not Burn & Does Not Contribute Fuel to Spread Fires
  • Superior Thermal & Acoustic properties
  • Reduced Foundation Requirements – 10 x Lighter Structure
  • Less Probability of Weather / Wind / Earthquake Damage
  • Quick Assembly – 50% Faster than Brick Building
  • Two Hour Fire Walls
  • Limited Wastage – Only 2% On-Site Wastage (Conventional Building Methods:  30%)

Light Weight Steel Frame Suspended Floors

The system is similar to traditional timber frame floors, which are more cost effective and lighter than conventional concrete floors. This is ideally suitable for difficult topographical conditions as it is lighter. There are numerous finishes for the sub-structure such as Timber strip, decking boards, particle boards, ply wood, fibre cement or magnesium oxide sheets.