We are water efficient!

At Pholaco we estimate that we would use +/- 10% water in comparison to conventional as it’s only the foundations, slab and internal skimming that require water.

Green Building Solutions

Green building is a holistic concept that starts with the understanding that the building environment can have profound effects both positive and negative on the natural environment.


Pholaco specialise in the manufacture of materials for Alternative Building Methodologies and Modern High-Performance Building Solutions utilising Green Building Components and Systems.


We are a one stop destination that will assist you from start to finish of your project. We offer a Turnkey solution for any project required which includes architectural and engineering design, details and certification of the structure.

About Pholaco

A company that manufactures Building Construction Products and Components and when fully assembled Creates a final Product or Building System
Pholaco a Multifaceted and Vertically Integrated Business

The legislated energy efficient code in South Africa calls for alternative building methods that have thermal efficiencies NBR 100400 XA

Phola in isiXhosa language means `Cool` The Cool Company

Pholaco revolves around Building Resolutions that are cost effective and Thermally Efficient.