This 257+ sq.m. project was completed in 8 weeks highlighting the popular choice of Light Steel Frame Construction for this type of operation.

  • Earlier Trading & Rental
  • Wall Solutions
  • Internal Wall Solutions
  • Savings on P&G’s


  • Light Steel Frame Substructure
  • Galvanized Steel Shuttering
  • CLC (Cellulose Lightweight Concrete) Topping
  • Completed in half the time of conventional construction
  • 50% Lighter than conventional construction


Green Building is an effort to accentuate the positive and reduce the negative of those effects of the entire life cycle of the building, taking into consideration the correct planning, design, construction and operations of the buildings with foremost consideration namely, energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material section and the building’s effects on its site.


  • Hybrid Elements
  • Light Steel Frame Floor Structure Pedestal Mounted
  • EPS Panel Wall System
  • Gypsum Fire Stop Internal Cladding
  • Fibre Cement Shiplap External Cladding

15 Almond Huis

Almond House is a typical 100%, Turnkey, Light Steel Frame (LSF) construction project.

For this type of project, the ideal process would be an Architect and an Engineer familiar with LSF Construction whom we can refer. The Design is pre-engineered, a form 2 issued for council submission and the structure signed off by the Engineer on completion.

If your plans are already complete for another methodology, there is a simple, standard process to change to LSF.

A preferred soil testing Laboratory can also be recommended.

  • All LSF Building is compliant to the energy efficiency code SANS 10400 XA.
  • Thermal R values for exterior Walls 2.8 and Roof structures 3.4.
  • Pholaco Construction offer a choice of Structural Build (White Box) or Turn Key options.

Louis Leipoldt Hospital Medi Clinic Cape Town

Project Scope

  • Rejuvenation of External Façade Building -5 Storey High -Whilst Occupied
  • Light Weight Steel Sub Frame
  • Frame System Pre Assembled In factory environment
  • External Cladding with Rendered Textured Façade –Water-resistant
  • 85% Lighter than Masonry
  • Improves Thermal Performances
  • 60 min Fire Rating
  • Fast Track Building System
  • Accurate Building System – Repetitive Building System
  • Reduces Congestion On Site
  • Reduction project Management Time

Building Kits – Classrooms

  • Suspended Floor Solutions
  • External Wall Solutions
  • Internal Wall Solutions
  • Thermal Façade Systems
  • Roof System Solutions
  • Roof Covering Solutions
  • Finishing Trims Solutions