Foundations are the basis and starting point of all buildings.


Operational from 2008, Pholaco has evolved to become a leading manufacturer of..


Pre-fabricated modular walls and roofing panels that are manufactured utilising..

Pholaco specialise in the manufacture of materials for Alternative Building Methodologies and Modern High-Performance Building Solutions utilising Green Building Components and Systems.

Our 5700sq.m factory situated in Atlantis, Western Cape, provides a Complete Supply Chain Management taking projects from concept to completion for construction both local and international.

We specialize in Light Steel Frame (LSF) Construction, EPS Panel Construction, and CLC (Cellulose Lightweight Concrete) Construction.

In our factory we manufacture the Light Frame Steel components, including Roof Trusses, using a state of the art computerised Roll Former, and we either assemble the panels in house or deliver to site in flat packs (for difficult inaccessible projects). LSF roof truss systems are extremely strong, quick to install and perfectly compatible with any conventional structure.

All LSF building is controlled by the SANS 517 Code published by the SABS Standards Division and is accepted by all Municipalities and Banks in South Africa.

We manufacture Mega Blocks of EPS which is sized and supplied either as EPS Boards or we laminate the boards and cut according to the sizes required for the individual projects which include Cold Storage facilities/Cold Rooms, Classrooms/Schools, Cottages, Kit Form Modules and mobile structures among many other uses.

The CLC building System consists of a conveyer unit, compressor, “Batching” unit, foam concrete mixer, a 1000ltr. water tank, lightweight steel re-usable formwork and a pumping mechanism with the capacity to pump 250m horizontally and 125m vertically. The CLC system utilizes conventional foundations or concrete footings approved by a professional engineer.

Working closely with engineers we ensure the highest safety and quality levels are achieved under strict factory and project management control with the manufacture and construction of all our Products, Systems and Components.